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So, out of curiosity, could I use Copha in lieu of Crisco in a recipe for chocolate cookies? If the taste of Copha is better than Crisco, wouldn't it be better to use the Copha?I'm still looking for that perfect recipe for cookies that don't spread and don't need to be double cut. I don't like the rough edges from double cutting my cookies...Any advice?TIA
I'm probably not the first person to ask this and I'll probably sound as dull as a box of used crayons, but what is the best way to colour white modelling chocolate?By using powder colours before I mix in the corn syrup or afterwards when it has set with gel colours?I'll be using the chocolate for a cake due on Saturday so any advice would be greatly appreciated.TIA
A not so nice anagrm for royally screwed lol
Did I just completely FUBAR my cupcakes? I decided on the spur of the moment to try a new recipe and it called for buttermilk, which I don't keep on hand on a regular basis. I made the buttermilk with vinegar and milk, let it stand... And then gave it two quick stirs and used it.Was I supposed to just pour it from the cup? All the "recipes" I looked at for making buttermilk said nothing about whether I should or not and let's be honest, it didn't look healthy :-/Should I...
I've been using Orchid but thats because I'm in a rural area and its easier to get when I'm in a hurry. Really want to try Satin Ice too. Haven't tried Bakels (Pettinice) yet but I'm getting there. I'm only really a hobbyist at the moment but really want to branch out further.
I too have made cakes for everyone in my family including one that travelled over 1000 km to my mother and brother about a month ago. I don't think I've had one made or bought(yuck!) for me in over 12 yrs.A nice meal with my family is all I need from my family. And maybe they could plant a tree too because of the reams of paper they use to make me cards and pictures
With all the rave reviews I think I know where a big chunk of my next tax return will go...
Could you brush it down with a simple syrup and wrap it? I'm not sure but that should helpHTH
I read something on a post either today or yesterday about making instant pudding more "mousse" like by replacing the milk for whipping cream in equal measure. I didn't quite have enough cream so I subbed out 100 ml for full cream (whole milk), added approximately 1-1/2 cups dark chocolate ganache I had in my fridge andÂ… Oh My Wow!!!Its not quite as thick as ganache but not as soft as the pudding mix when made regularly. Its creamy and chocolatey and the kids love it. I...
Any suggestions? I already have a few on my list of must haves (Debbie Brown, Planet Cake, Confetti Cakes) but some other ideas would be fantastic.Have to add, I was looking on the Australian Borders Books website and they quoted... $209.00 for a hardcover edition of Debbies 50 Party cakes. That can't be right can it?TIA
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