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Egg whites in the carton - definitely. I have never had a problem with them.
I am baking my largest layer yet - 16" square. How in the world do I handle these layers as far as torting and stacking go? I am pretty sure that I will not have any help and I just cannot figure out how to handle it without cake falling to pieces!! Any help would be greatly appreciated - it is my nieces wedding cake. Thanks
It's a 2 layer tier, so I will put on bottom and use buttercream. Thanks so much ladies
I baked the last layer of a 3 tier wedding cake for this weekend last nite. First off - I should not bake when I feel rushed!. Anyway - it is 14" and I usually smush the dome down while it is still in the pan so I don't have to trim off as much when I torte. Anyway, I got lazy/rushed and flipped it out of the pan onto the counter then smushed with the bottom side up. WRONG! The layer cracked almost all the way to the center (where there is a hole from the heating...
Thanks so much
I used WASC also - may I ask what temp and how long you baked it to get center done?
I made my first 3-D teddy last weekend and too had a small tear around the face. I was cutting ears off to make a dinosaur so I made spackle and filled it in - also used spackle to build up the thickness of the arms so they would be more noticeable and to build up his snout. Spackle is a wonderful thing!
I just got word that the Florida Cottage Bill has been passed - by July 1, we will be able to sell baked goods from home!! I bake from home now, but I do not charge - I have a very understanding boyfriend! Anyway - Yay Florida!!
I think it is just fine - I do understand - the first wedding cake I did was a total disaster - I made a mixture of bc and smbc for the frosting - she wanted textured buttercream (what could be easier??) The butter in the smbc solidified into lumps and if the cake got the least bit warm, the frosting started sliding. 3 hours before it was due I scraped off every bit of frosting - made a new batch of bc and started over - it happens to us all at one time or another. How...
I need to airbrush a b/c wedding cake a sand color next weekend. Can I dilute Ivory gel color and use that or am I in trouble because I did not think enough in advance to order airbrush color???
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