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Where do I look at my saved pictures?!?!
So a close family friend asked me to make a cake for her daughter's 2nd grade teacher. It will be for Wednesday, and she wants a royal theme. The classroom's theme is like queen of the day, king of the day, they get little crowns for good on. She would like it to have some sort of a crown on it and say Happy Birthday to the Queen of 2nd Grade. Any suggestions on the design or colors???
Here is the mascot...sorry it is so...
Hello everyone! I got a request for a Graduation cake today. The school colors are red, yellow, and royal blue. The girl did tennis track and basketball. The mom kind of left the cake idea up to me and I am having trouble figuring out what to do! I have attached a link of the school mascot, the shells. Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated! Alyssa everyone for your help! I was very pleased with the results!
I have been trying the "just press it into the fondant idea and it is NOT working! any other suggestions? Please i am desperate!
wow CWR thanks for being a debbie downerthanks to everyone else who replied
Hi! I was just trying to figure out my own pricing guide. I am close to St. Louis, MO just as a reference. I am wanting to charge by the slice. So my questions are:What do you charge per slice?How many servings do you have per cake size? (6, 8, 10, 12...)Thanks!
I was considering just pressing a doily into the fondant, but what kind of doilies do i use? cloth? paper? plastic? and where would i find them?
Could someone please help me? I really need some advice with the fondant!
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