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How do you know how much your cake will serve if you are sculpting it? Basic serving charts don't apply if you cut pieces away. What do you use?
I want to make a cake similar to this one.  The head is cake.  I don't know if it will be to top heavy.  How would I do the structure for this one.  Any suggestions would be great.
Is there any more info on this law passing?
Is there any other option for cake pop coating besides the candy coating?
Heavenly she stated earlier three weeks out of fridge.
I know you posted this a long time ago but was wondering when you cakes last 3 weeks do you use filling?  If so do some last long than others.  THX
I've tried to find how much indydebi's bc makes but can't find how much? Also, can you double/triple a batch or do it single batch at a time?
So I only have 3in pans but the amount of cake I need would only be for 2 in. Would I have to change the temp and times. I am using the Wilton recommend temps and quanities.
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