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I just did a medical cake, but it's not a scrub top. It's in my photos. PM me if you have any questions.
I agree...they look like pinecones. Am I the only one that thought it was overkill with everything he put on that cake? I was yelling "STOP" long before he finished. Yuck.
I, personally, am scared to death to transport a stacked cake. Sometime I'll do a 4-tier in two separate pieces. I always arrive at the venue with PLENTY of time to stack on-site. I also take my "tool bag" with me to help with any incidentals. Hope that helps!
I didn't use a tutorial when I made mine. You just have to get in there and get busy! The collar was the hardest part. I rolled up plastic wrap to help it stand up until it dried enough to stand on it's own. It's a fun cake. Everyone loved it. Good luck!
I have coated with water. I have coated with shortening. If you never want to reuse the dummy, use water. If you think you might have a need for the dummy in the future, use shortening. The fondant just get's dry and breaks off when you start removing it. Never seen anything get moldy. It just dries out. Hope that helps.
I've made this cake. It's in my photos.I made the first one with no cardboard, and gave it to the neighbors as a leaning tower of Pisa.For the finished cake, I put two cakes together on one board, then the third cake and the ball on a second board. I put a hole through the center of the top one before I put the cakes on. Then after I stacked the entire thing, I ran a milkshake straw through all cakes & cardboard. It worked like a charm. Hope that helps. Let me know...
I want to make some cookies like this for my daughter's class: I bake them with the sticks in them? I think they would crumble and not stay on the stick if you inserted the stick after they were baked. Am I right?
I make SMBC (swiss meringue butter cream) when I don't want something too sweet. It's light, fluffy and yummy. It doesn't crust, so know that in advance. You can find the recipe for it under the recipe section.
I've only made my own MMF, until my last cake. I needed it to be really white so I bought Wilton at Hobby Lobby. I was amazed at how EASY it was to use and how NICELY it smoothed. I'm not one to eat fondant, so I didn't taste it to see if it was tasty. My kids were eating the scraps, so it can't be too bad. But I love Leah's advice to mix Satin Ice and Wilton. That would greatly reduce the price. Good luck!
Oh how I can SOOOOOOOO relate to this!
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