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Got it.  Thank you.
Hi. I either lost or did not get the link to download issue 10. I got the revised issue 9 and 11, but not 10. Please resend the download link to me again. My account is 42483. Thanks, Linda Isaacs
Hi - I either lost or didn't get link for issue 5 (got 6 OK). Could you please resend? Thank you. Linda
Per your instructions I have twice sent a request through your contact link requesting that you resend the the link to the Vol3 Iss2 magazine. I have received nothing but an automated response that my email has been received. PLEASE send the link to the digital mag. Thank you.Linda IsaacsAcct # 42483
Thanks, Larissa. That's a great suggestion about sticking it back in the mold. I did use a butane torch to smooth it out, but you have to be so careful or else you have a gem with no facets on top.
It worked! Thanks for taking the time to answer. You have saved me a lot of banging my head against the wall.
Thanks, I'll give that a try.
I purchased a large silicone diamond mold (1 1/2" diameter) and have made several diamonds, but each time the part of the gem that is in contact with the mold does not look shiny. It is a 2-part mold, and looking down into the mold when filled with isomalt, it is clear as it can be. But when you remove the gem, the part in contact with the mold is not shiny and almost looks pitted. I have tried spraying the mold and not spraying the mold with Pam. I did contact the...
I don't think this is from humidity. It's only the parts that touched the mold that are "textured". The other side and all the way through the gem are clear.So it's got to have something to do with the mold I think, but don't know how to fix it. Help!
Hi, Justcake-The is a template for a shoe in Elisa Strauss's book "Confetti Cakes".
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