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I read a couple articles earlier today about cake boards getting soggy, and now I'm concerned that if I put my cake together (3 tiers) the day before, that I will have issues. I plan on putting some freezer paper in between the cake and the next layer (on a cake board), so I don't think it will be an issue, but I'd like your opinions. I'm just not sure I'll have time to put it together the day of as there is traveling time. Thanks!
I will be doing a wedding on top of which they would like fresh flowers. The cake will be covered in fondant, I'm just wondering what to place between the flowers and the fondant so the fondant doesn't get wet?Thanks!
I'm in desperate need of any tips about carving/sculpting cake. Anyone have some good advice? I'll be doing a head shape.
I had a customer request this cake ( I haven't done any sculpting so I'm a little worried. I've tried to contact the original baker, but without luck. I have already baked my cakes (2 9x3 rounded cakes for the top and bottom, and 2 10 inch layers for the middle). I figured I'd get them stacked and then freeze them to carve. Any other ideas?Also, does anyone else have issues with the...
Here's a link to the cake,
If anyone else out there is wondering the same thing I did, which I never got an answer to, here's what I did:First I saran wrapped the dummy cakes. Then I frosted them in royal icing and let it harden. About three days before the event I frosted over the royal icing in buttercream. The buttercream hardened enough that I simply put some frosting between all the layers and they stuck just fine. I didn't use any dowels.I was still able to insert my gumpaste twigs into...
I am doing a three tiered wedding cake in a cornflower blue and have decided to cover in buttercream instead of fondant due to the color. The two bottom layers will be dummy cakes, while the top tier will be real cake. I'm wondering how to stack the cakes together? If I'm using buttercream, I'm worried that when I put the second and third tiers on, the butter cream will squish out the between the layers. How to I get the top, real cake, layer to be stable ontop of the...
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