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Just got a request for a 3 tiered whimsey ( crooked) cake. Alice in Wonderland is the theme, and she wants Alice's legs sticking out of the top of the cake like she has fallen in the rabbits hole with her dress flown up.I have never made a whimsey cake, but after looking at a few tutorials I think I can manage it. I usually charge a certain amout per serving, but I am not sure about this complex of a cake. I am in Kansas City. How do you charge these?
Here is a poem that was inside my baby book.... I am adopted. Maybe you could incorprate it somehow.Not flesh of flesh, nor bone of my bonebut still miraculously my ownNever forget for a single minuteYou didn't grow under my heartbut in it.Can't wait to see the cake!
Here are some! It seems that all of the photos I have uploaded lately have been lost in the shuffle. Thanks for looking!!!
I have one in my photos. I used the mini ball pan, glued them together with frosting, and then did one dowel through the center and through the cake below. is a horse using the duck pan.
It looks beautiful!! I hate it when you are trying to set up and everyone wants to watch the cake lady. I once had a lady, one of the country club managers, stand over my shoulder and critique every flaw on my cake.I have had issues with the buldge on top too. Some advice I have read on here for that is to do a nice crumb coat and then follow with a thin layer of buttercream using the big icing tip. I think the buldge is cause by too much icing covered on the cake which...
I think I am one of the very few who like the new crisco better. For me, my icing has come out much more smooth and a more fluffy taste. my customers like it too I am curious too, why everyone dislikes the new crisco??
There are a lot of Barbie cakes in the could do the doll cake that you bake in the wonder mold or pyrex bowl, or Wilton has a Barbie character pan that has step by step instructions for frosting cake.Good luck!!
Shoot!! Too far from KC
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