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does anyone have any experience with posting cupcakes (I am in UK), I want to post some to a friend & wondered if anyone has any advice please. Thanks
I cant even see my own pics, keep getting a page not found message!
I have just ought some small silicone moulds from ebay, they arrived this morning, but they really smell awful, I checked the listing & it does say they are suitable for sugarpaste, I have emailed the seller but was wondering if anyone knows why they smell, if i can get rid of it & should I actually use them for icing?The seller has good feedback, I cant see any complaints about the smell!!
I was at sainsburys yesterday & noticed they now sell Mich Turner ready to roll icing, in a black box, made by silver spoon, its about £3.50 normally (1k) but was on offer for i think around £2.60. I didnt buy as have just bought lots of covapaste, but wondered if anyone has tried it, it is suppose to be madagascan vanilla flavour!Onto the covapaste, tried it last night, loved it, very stretchy compared to regalice, can be rolled very thinly, covered really nicely, but a...
Local shop does me regal ice for 3.5o a kilo, she charges more generally but does me it cheaper as she knows me. If,its a kids cake I generally use the dr oetker one as morrisons did have it for 2.29 kilo so big difference.Just ordered 5k covapaste from sugar shack which was £15 and free pap, regal ice is £18 from them x
meant to add a friend in US just tried satin ice for first time & hated it, so I guess its to each his own!!
I have only really used regalice, and never have a problem, the dr oetker supermarket regalice isnt as good as the cake decorating shop proper renshaw regalice. Although when i started sugarcraft 25 years ago regalice was probably the only brand available. I like the taste find it rolls out & covers beautifully, but then read that no one likes it, so figures maybe I am missing out on something even better! but not sure what that could be (apart from maybe s sugarpaste that...
is this Asda's own brand? I actually quite like sainsburys own brand never tried asda. I just bought some covapaste to try, as normally use regalise but so many people have told me they hate regalice so I am wondering if I am making work for myself by using it!!
mine goes like this (rather than light & fluffy) in the bowl or whist wasnt totally grease free x
i just went onto sugarshack to order and thought i was on the wrong site as it wouldnt let me log in :{
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