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Actually the secret to perfectly domed cupcakes is using cake recipes that are very light and airy like sponge cakes. The recipe posted above seems good as it includes beating the eggs which incorporates air into your batter and therefore makes you cupcakes dome nicely.
Isn't yogurt as sour as sour cream is, so you'll actually taste it?
So there's this vanilla cupcake recipe that calls for milk but I substituted sour cream to make it more moist. And even though they were much more moist, I could definitely taste the sour cream, It almost tasted like a lemon cupcake Instead of vanilla. Is there anyway to make the sour cream taste more subtle. I was thinking of adding half milk half sour cream. What do you guys think?Thanks
Thanks all that was really helpful. So can I use like 1/2 cup sour cream 1/2 cup buttermilk instead of 1 cup milk? Oh and I never over bake my cakes, so that's not the problem
So I have this great vanilla cupcake recipe but I want to make it slightly more moist (it calls for whole milk). Now I know that adding sour cream or buttermilk to cakes makes them more moist, but Im not sure which one to use. I've heard that sour cream would be better because it has a lower pH than buttermilk so it won't ruin my recipe, but I've also heard that buttermilk makes the cake more tender. What do you think? Thanks.
Wow I could never imagine myself making loads fondant everytime I need it for a cake. I use Satin Ice in all different colors and it works great.
I use buttercream SI, absolutely the best. I tried Fondx and didn't like how it smells and it was way too soft.
So i offer a few gumpaste flowers and recently all what people are asking for are roses and calla lillies and they're getting really boring (or at least for me they are) so i was wondering what other gumpaste flowers are popular among your clients so I could offer something new for mine. Any ideas?
Actually Im doing angel cookies, Im planning to have their wings white and their "dress" yellow.Im not a RI fan either, but the reason I have it in mind is because when I tried a fondant covered cookie the other day, all I tasted was that chemical taste from fondant and It had no sign of the actual cookie taste (though it looked absolutely amazing). I dont think RI is as overwhelming as fondant is. Anyway, Im thinking of rolling the fondant real thin and just go with it. Lol.
So I have a lot of cookies to make for the upcoming week, but I dont know if I should use fondant or royal icing. Fondant makes cookie decorating much easier and more fun but doesnt taste really good since both the cookie and the fondant have plenty of sugar. And I see a lot of people using royal icing but its a bit difficult to get a perfect result with it. What do you think I should use?
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