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Thanks for the responses...Made the cake according to your specifications's the finished product.. Thanks you guys are awesome
I need to make a topsy turvy cake to serve 200. What size pans do I need to use? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. This is my first attempt at a topsy turvy (ambitious project for a first timer huh?)...I'm in Texas so I have to go BIG or go Home !!! LOL!!
How do I get more info on this matter? What can I do to support?
Flawless!! You did an awsome job!!
Thanks for the detailed response but I could not view the attachments. Can you send it to I would really appreciate it.
Good evening everyone. I need to make a replica of the New Orleans Superdome for May 14th and I don't know where to start. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
I would suggest you try I just purchased an 18" square from a local supplier and I spent 130.00. She has it about 30-40 less. Hope this helps.......
Hello all. I must say I have been caught in this situation as well . What I try to do now is tell the client if it is a wedding cake that it depends on the design and I will have to get back with them. I usually sit down and add all cost associated with the cake and multiply times 3 and that will be my fee. That way you are getting what you paid out back plus your time. I hope this helps.......
Thanks for all of your comments. They decided on a casino theme instead. Attached is a picture of my casino night cake.
Hello all. I have to do a cake for a caterer's birthday and I need some cake ideas.......Any input will be greatly appreciated
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