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Thats very pretty. I can see why you charged so much. Ill get a picture of one of mine. I just cant seem to charge as little as 15 for this. was made with 6 cupcakes and fondant.
I'd like to see it Tanesa. The ones in my area are going from 35-40. So why would I want to charge so little. Theres so much detail. Not to mention, you have to put it all together.
KHalstead....what do you use to put your cupcakes in? I use a styrofoam ball and those are not cheap. Plus I weight the pot down. Maybe I'm overthinking this too much lol. thats cheap. I didnt break it down like that. I broke it down buy dividing my ingredients in half. I . How do you put your tissue paper in? I guess Ill have to refigure out my pricing and see what I come up with. Thanks for your input!
KsCakes....I know how you feel. People in MY area would totally buy these bouquets. When you spend so much time on them shouldnt you get paid for your time? I've looked around and so far people are charging for 12cupcakes about $35-$40. And then lower it for 6cupcakes. I went online to some site and shes selling hers for $60 or more. So people do buy these. Its like a flower arrangement, people spend alot of money on those and they die. So people who really want these will...
Not just 6 cupcakes. Their in a pot, thats painted, has tissue paper and all detail that goes into it. The material cost money and then I cut some of that in half. Just was wondering what someone may charge for it.
I'm not sure what to charge for a bouquet that has 6cupcakes. I added up my material list and that consist of $23.00. Now what would you charge for labor? Any suggestions/help would greatly be appreciated!!
Thanks so much for this info! Thankfully, Michigan does not need a license!!
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