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I just used it to make ruffles.  It cracked horribly.  I even added glycerin and it still cracked.  I won't use it again!
I liked everything on the website except for the background color.  The white background just seemed too harsh.  Maybe an ivory color would be more flattering to your photos in the gallery.  Just a personal preference and observation!  The website is very user friendly and attractive!
Replacing water for milk will help as well.  It is very humid where I live and I cannot use milk in the summer.  Replacing the milk with water doesn't affect the taste, just makes the icing firmer and whipped in appearance.
Americolor has an Electric Pink that you could try.  It turns out really pretty.
I use this recipe all the time and absolutely love it.  It is easy to use and holds color without getting white spots.  It does take several days to dry completely but I live in an area of high humidity most of the time.  It tastes great as well.  Good luck!
You could try adding cream of tartar.  I don't have access to high ratio shortening where I live...but I do add half to one teaspoon of cream of tartar.  The one problem I don't have is air bubbles.  Give it a does not change the taste or color of the icing in any way.  Sure hope it helps!
I'd suggest taking a basic decorating class.  Get the basics down and go from there.  Best of luck and most of all...have fun!
I use Watkins all the time and have been really pleased with it. I use 2 tsp of butter flavor and one tsp of almond. Sorry this happened to you. I guess just play with it and see what happens. Good luck!
I think it is a 32. Not absolutely sure of the number but I do know that the tip looks like a smile or a sideways C.
Putting cookies in a tupperware like bowl can make them soft. I put mine in a tin or just cover with wax paper until they are decorated. Hope that helps!
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