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Thanks for the reply I live in the UK and haven't seen any in the stores but will be looking out for some because the mess definately wasn't worth it.
I wanted to make a round head for a small cake and thought RKT would be best due to the weight. I have never made this before and followed a receipe that just told me to melt the marshmallows and add the rice crispies. It would not go into any shape and just stuck all over my hands and my top. I could get it to do anything in the end I push it all into a bowl to get the basic shape and put it into the fridge. What did I do wrong how do all you talented ladies make this and...
I agree much prefer the old format. Please can we change it back.
I recently made a giant cupcake (I have posted the photo on here) and it looked fine I delivered it to a neighbour as it was for one of her family members. They collected it a few hours later. However they rang when they got home to say the cake had 'melted' I am unsure of how or to what extent but does anyone have any idea? It wasn't a warm day however I do think there were 4 people in the car travelling with the cake. Would welcome any words of wisdom here to ensure this...
I have made several batches of cookies and whilst they look ok and taste ok they seem to go soft and no matter what I do I cannot seem to keep them nice and crunchie. Does anyone have any idea's or receipies that stay nice and fresh tasting please?
I see thanks so much now I understand how it would be white. Very many thanks for all your help everyone.
Sorry I am not quite understanding what you mean by 'shortening' what exactly is this? It is probably something we have here in the UK but known as a different name. Many thanks for your replies so far.
Hi All,I am just starting to decorate with buttercream (because I prefer to use fondant as I find it much easier) and I am wondering how you all manage to get your buttercream a lovely white colour. I live in the UK and ours is always creamy colour definately not white. Would you be kind enough to share with me how you get such great white colours please?
Thanks so much for your advise and words of support I do feel a bit better and once over the shock may try a few practise one.
Can you explain what a 'cake dam' is please as this is a term I have heard but don't understand. The filling was soft chocolate fudge and strawberry frosting. Yes I think maybe the filling caused the issue but also them not keeping the cake flat I think might have caused the tiers to slide. Thanks everyone for all your support I am starting to feel a bit better but don't think I will be confident to do a wedding cake again.
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