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No I don't think it's necessary. Lots of people ask me to make figures and I generally turn then down.  I hate them and think mine look so terrible and am embarrassed of almost every one  I've ever made (although we are our own worst critic, no?)   But actually at least having some knowledge of how to carve cakes and what goes into them is very handy to have in your tool box so just knowing a little bit, even if you don't want to sell carved cakes, could be useful for...
It must be really cold in you kitchen!  Stop mixing, take your bowl over a steaming pot of water and mix fold slowly until it starts to come together and get to the nice soft consistency we work with.     Edited to make more sense.
 I am minimally charging for the recipe now but haven't figured out how to do it.l  It's my mission to figure out how to do today.  It's not as easy as I though it would to just add a stupid button to the blog!  LOL  Anyway I'm sorry I'm working on it right now.
The Cake Bible talks about it extensively and is highly recommended.  So does Bakewise.
I have a great recipe that will rock your world...   See my signature line.  Perfect for anyone that wants to learn to scratch bake and has 21 variations, just from one recipe.  I prefer yellow cake myself also.
PS the "made up" statement is regards to me being in the US and grams look totally weird to me.  LOL  I'm sure you have a recipe you got from somewhere.
Hello!  This looks like a made up recipe or something to me, I don't do grams because I am in the US and grams mean nothing to me, However if you are scratch baking you need to follow rules.  Asking how much baking powder goes in a recipe is a question that can never be answered because we don't have your recipe.  I suggest you get some baking books on how to scratch bake and learn at the bare minimum baker's percentages for the cake you are trying to make.   Best of...
Yes it did, it had a hyperlink to but I seriously doubt that link takes you to us, or if it did you get there by way of virus being loaded on your PC.  Besides the horrible grammar and the fact I got it over 300 times to my in-box because of all the threads I've been on AND to my personal I don't get how people fall for Helen. I mean, Helen, you love may be for us to be for us and you may be my heart love, but I don't swing that way honey.
OK gals, he's banned so he can't defend himself, lets just drop it and move in to blaming who really is jacking up our day, which are the jerks that do this for a living in countries where this type of spamming is legal and profitable.   Look, I don't know much, but I know that it's humanly impossible to hit as many posts as what has happened today and yesterday, so lets be real here, this is a pro and it must have worked so well yesterday - meaning so many people...
Aw, come on the boards have been buzzing.  But you are right, I have no idea and I though my post was actually defending Jason in my way, I don't think he'd write such a weird post and punish ALL of Cake Centtral.  This has a certain African or Island country known for spam attacks written all over it.  So I'm not here to perpetuate any rumors, all I'm saying is my inbox has been BOMBED today and I'm as irritated as you all are and running every virus program I have!
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