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Hello!  I just realized it sold out yesterday, it's re-posted!  Thank you for your support!
Your best bet is to contact the manufacturer direct.  I have heard Satin Ice is GF, Halal and kosher but it's best if you get it from them.
I'm totally down with it.  It's no better/worse then other types of cake mix available - remember the all-in-one kits they used to have that had a little pan, a spoon (I think), all you had to do is mix in a small amount of water and zap in the micro?  It even came with a frosting packet and funfetti had extrA funfetti to sprinkle on top.  It tasted spongy and weird, but the target audience is the drunk/high college kid that has the munchies (which was pretty miuch me in...
That is so weird!  Well books must be going out, I got 2 and know others have gotten theirs.  I posted photos on my Instagram if anyone wants to see it.  They did come via post office and not UPS, does the post office even offer tracking?  (It's been a LONG time since I've needed to send something to anyone that wasn't via Amazon LOL).  I don't even remember getting a specific email with shipping info, I though it was a general "hey you ordered a book and we are finally...
I got mine!!!  I have to say, this is actually really nicely made and I am super excited to finally have something tangable to hand to my poor mother who has never seen any of my work in print like this.  Woo Hoo!  And I had NO idea they were putting 3 of my cakes in there.  I love it.  I hope you all get your books soon!
Check out this thread (before it goes completely off topic)
Tiered Caker.
Pricing sugar flowers are hard - some are much easier and more elaborate then others, if you are new it takes a long time to make 1 but after you've made 100 you can bang them out pretty fast.  The hard part is if it takes you a long time to make a flower because you are new you can't charge for that learning curve.  It's just part of doing business.   Sugar flowers, to me, are part of the art that are a time sink and unrecoverable as far as sales go.  Many bakeries just...
OOPS!  I missed that last sentence.  Yes, that you tube vid is all you need, except don't make your colors so bright.  It's one of the easiest techniques to do!   Good luck,   J
Hello!  I did a tutorial featured here for CC:   I'm assuming you need help with the cake part, not the icing?
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