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That is so weird!  Well books must be going out, I got 2 and know others have gotten theirs.  I posted photos on my Instagram if anyone wants to see it.  They did come via post office and not UPS, does the post office even offer tracking?  (It's been a LONG time since I've needed to send something to anyone that wasn't via Amazon LOL).  I don't even remember getting a specific email with shipping info, I though it was a general "hey you ordered a book and we are finally...
I got mine!!!  I have to say, this is actually really nicely made and I am super excited to finally have something tangable to hand to my poor mother who has never seen any of my work in print like this.  Woo Hoo!  And I had NO idea they were putting 3 of my cakes in there.  I love it.  I hope you all get your books soon!
Check out this thread (before it goes completely off topic)
Tiered Caker.
Pricing sugar flowers are hard - some are much easier and more elaborate then others, if you are new it takes a long time to make 1 but after you've made 100 you can bang them out pretty fast.  The hard part is if it takes you a long time to make a flower because you are new you can't charge for that learning curve.  It's just part of doing business.   Sugar flowers, to me, are part of the art that are a time sink and unrecoverable as far as sales go.  Many bakeries just...
OOPS!  I missed that last sentence.  Yes, that you tube vid is all you need, except don't make your colors so bright.  It's one of the easiest techniques to do!   Good luck,   J
Hello!  I did a tutorial featured here for CC:   I'm assuming you need help with the cake part, not the icing?
Hahaha this is why my sister does all my books!  OK, please keep me away from the calculators, just use this...   Plug in some numbers to give you an idea what you need to be doing in order to survive doing this.
25% of 170,000 is $42,500, which would represent expenses, so gross sales would be $212,500, less expenses of $42,500 = $170,000.  Right?   That's 25% profit margin.  You make 25% more in profit then your break even point.
Did i mess up my math?  I was in a hurry to try and get my point across.
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