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My favorite is Hummingbird Cake. It is a banana and pineapple spice cake (can add carrots or coconut too) with cream cheese frosting and OMG GOOD made with vanilla bean paste.
Brownie pops (like cake balls but brownie inside)Southern PralinesLemon barsmini pecan piesCan you tell I'm a southern girl? My favorite warm weather cake ball flavor is Key Lime with graham crumbs decorating the top
I've seen pens sold void of coloring, an add-it-yourself type, though it's been a number of years. Maybe you can look for those?
Throw something?
Mine's Hummingbird Cake, I increase the cinnamon, double the vanilla and use Vanilla Bean Paste instead of extract.
Yes, use Peppermint. Both the Spearamint and Mint extracts will make it taste weird.
No refrigeration necessary.
Soft caramel, ganache made with a variety of liqueurs (such as Chambord, Grand Marnier, Cherry Marnier, Amaretto), lime juice mixed with condensed milk for a key lime pie taste, options are endless! Enjoy yourself!
Why not try making them? You can flavor them as you wish and use cookie cutters (like a cross) for different shapes. Super simple and taste much better than store bought marshmallows.
I forgot to add my opinions on your suggestions..Not Your Mama's.. = not as tasty as Mama's to me, less than not more thanSuicide Cupcake is not somewhere I'd want to eat. Why risk death for a cupcake? Is it because the kitchen isn't clean and you smear chicken juice about? I don't wanna find out.
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