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Looks like a peony to me.
I would like those better than the pasty cake pops. The texture makes my stomach turn.
It's very hard to get the cake touching the filling baked without overbaking the rest of the cake. I'm talking hours on low heat, not worth it. I wouldn't do it in a decorated cake, doesn't really stay in globs anyway, most goes to the bottom of the pan.
.20 a piece?
Usually the bakery section of grocery stores have them where they bake the bread.
I like Chambord (raspberry liqueur) in cake with chocolate frosting or it's good in frosting also with chocolate cake
It depends upon what you intend for the texture of your cone. The batter baked in the cone softens it a bit it to give almost a stale feel. Baking a cupcake and placing it in the top of the cone keeps the cone crisp.
I know that this is totally not the point but I can't for the life of me figure out another way that meringue could be pronounced. Mer-ing-ay, Me-rang, Mer-ine-ge.. What is it??
Swans Down is good but I prefer King Arthur Cake Flour when I can find it.
I second the brown sugar frosting
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