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I think a caramel/soft toffee filling would be awesome then, that's my favorite part. Or maybe Heath bar chips folded into IMBC for that crunch that creme brulee has on top.
What is the cake flavor? Caramel? Vanilla? I associate both of these with creme brulee although I'm not sure why it would be called that instead of vanilla caramel. I guess more info is needed.
You're right, I'm sorry! Usually I just buy the 8oz bottles from a store near my mom because I don't need a high volume, just want it! I ration myself The large bottle is on my Amazon wishlist as a matter of fact. Most people have electronics or books, I have vanilla beans and paste. Let me know if you find it more cheaply elsewhere!
Haven't ordered from here but says 34.99 with free shipping!{keyword}
Oh wow! That's an excellent value! Even icky McCormick is more expensive than that. I hadn't looked for the extract by the quart because usually I use their vanilla bean paste, thank you for the head's up
at Big Lots (4 oz bottles). Woohoo!!
Could they mean liquor filled candy like molded chocolate with liquor inside? Extracts are alcohol based so it wouldn't make much sense to me that using some alcohol to flavor ganache would be an issue. Curious..
Pretty! Trying to figure out how to pronounce Kiean.
Is she wanting to leave it bare or add a large topper? I think it would look too flat and squatty without a 6" if nothing else is added. For my wedding cake my father in law carved a pair of bluebirds on a birdhouse so we omitted the top tier to allow for the carving to provide the tapering effect.
shyann, we share a birthday!
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