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How did you post a picture?? Must have the Midas Touch
What?? Wow.
I think of a well made classic cake as being just that, not intended specifically for a wedding or any other purpose. To me, it's the colors that make a cake feel celebratory or somber. Go with your gut instincts on what looks nice and pay no attention to thoughts of a wedding, just beauty.
Ooh it hurts my head
Cute cuppies! And your man seems very focused on playing his man game. He hardly moved!
Mix mascarpone with a little powdered sugar, espresso powder and rum to form a not so sweet frosting to mix with your cake.
Saw this posted and the marshmallow frosting looks thick and tasty. Eat before clicking on the link..
I agree that mixing the pudding with whipped cream is mega good. Either the dry mix or make pudding with 1/2 the liquid and fold the whipped cream into it
Mad About Cakes?
4oz, not 8. I'm on a roll.. Need a nap apparently
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