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Cakes D'Vine with a viney/floral emblem
Insert straws into the cake for the skewers to go into? The walls of the straws may provide enough counter-support.
Southerners leave butter on the counter for a week or more and it's still good
Torani syrups are good but it will turn the frosting light pink
My advice is to use quality extracts (not McComick) like Nielsen Massey extracts or vanilla bean paste. A good vanilla/flavoring makes all the difference.
I would use a dried banana chip instead of fresh (like the ones sold near the raisins). Sounds good though!
Nutty chocomel ?
If it is crumbly it sounds like a flour issue to me.. too much being added. Try adding less or spooning it into your measuring cup rather than scooping.
You may be mismeasuring your flour. Try adding more until the texture of the dough is not sticky
How about a dollar a piece? Strawberries are in season and once the chocolate is tempered the process goes fairly quickly.
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