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I agree with the poured fondant, it's also what's used to cover petit fours. If the cooking temperature is accurately regulated it won't turn to hard candy like the previous poster's experience, it was just cooked too long.
A quality cocoa powder (such as Ghirardelli) can be added to your standard buttercream to make it chocolate but I prefer to add cooled melted chocolate instead after the frosting texture has lightened up and it's just about ready to stop being mixed.
Are you asking how to make frosting? Or how to pipe frosting in a swirl?
Agree with previous cream cheese suggestion. As a variation, maybe make it spiced (cinnamon, ginger, allspice). A brown sugar frosting would be good as well.
I think banana cream sounds yummy with rum cake
I haven't found any worthwhile in G'boro or High Point but there's one southeast of Raleigh called North Carolina Paper Co. that is amazing. The website is www. ncpaperco. com without the edited to provide link.)
You may want to try adding browned butter to your batter as an oil replacement for extra flavor
Mayo!! Sounds odd but it can't be tasted and adds a moistness that lasts.
I like lemon and gingerbread together which has quite a molasses taste so maybe try a slightly tart lemon frosting?
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