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Nope. Just fold crushed chocolate cookies into your standard buttercream. Voila!
Chantilly is great! There are different recipes but it's a Mascarpone Whipped Cream with a little almond extract in it. Light, fluffy and lightly sweetened like Angel Food Cake.
I have found that a simple pound cake soaked with dark rum instead of plain simple syrup is perfect and easy.
Just add extra flour for a stiffer dough or you can add a little extra flour and reduce the leavening agent for a softer cookie that doesn't puff up.
This thread's been asleep too long, anyone else have recent finds to add?
Possibly your thermometer isn't calibrated if it got rock hard. Even if taffy isn't pulled long enough it should stay chewy and flexible.
Oh no! Baby shower - Sorry.
Bailey's Irish Cream brushed onto white cake?
To have a chance of keeping your friend you need to let her go. If she is petty you MAY lose the friendship but you CERTAINLY will if she stays.
I think it looks great, echo the side bar needing to be larger. Also, it needs more direct information as to your location other than an area code.
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