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You must be jostling the oven (by opening the door) before it is done. Give it another 5 minutes before checking and be extremely gentle, it won't collapse if it is baked through.
Cocoa powder or melted chocolate?
Well I'm offended she didn't find me attractive enough to go after :/
Looks like an impression mat was used, to me. Maybe hide the seams by putting them on the backside and placing pearl "buttons" to make it look like the back of an elegant wedding dress.
You're welcome sweetheart, I think the effect is gorgeous and elegant. I haven't tried the technique yet but the pictures make it seem very approachable.
Here is a step by step photo tutorial of a billowing technique. Maybe you could adapt it into your quilt..
To make it a little firmer, extra flour can be added. Folding in whipped egg whites can also stiffen a batter, again depending upon how loose it is to begin with.
Cuppy, first let me say that I don't know about using gelatin as a stabilizer in a cream cheese frosting or the weather in your country. It's hot and humid here in the south and what I do is make a stiff shortening based buttercream and add a little cream cheese to lightly flavor it but not enough to soften the frosting. Hope this helps..
but if you whip your egg whites into a meringue and fold them into the batter after everything else has been mixed it makes a much lighter cake.
Butter/cream cheese/powdered sugar frosting never holds it's shape for me without being sickly sweet. What I've found works is mostly shortening with a little butter and a little cream cheese (for the flavor) with powdered sugar, almond and vanilla extracts. Beat with a paddle at medium/low speed for a long time and it becomes fluffy without air bubbles.
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