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I'm looking into this subject myself and so far have only found this on the FDA website: " FDA Home Medical Devices Databases - New Search Help | More About 21CFR [Code...  here's the link to the post on my blog.  Thanks for letting me use your pics!   Cyn
Thank you!   I like the one that's a 4-tier stacked cake with loopy red, blue yellow and green flowers; and one that's a sculpted window with shutters, with grapes and an Italian scene inside it (outside it?)   You have definitely got talent!  Beautiful cakes!
I want to post a little intro article about hand-painting cakes on my newby blog, and would like to have a picture to post with it, but haven't got one that looks really good of my own. Would someone out there who has done it let me post an image, with credit and a link to your blog or website?   Just a simple single cake, square or round with roses or other flowers to illustrate the technique?
You could also take an image of the crest and have it printed on edible wafer paper, then cut out a flat fondant shape, same as the image, and attach it with a little gum glue. 
Nice cake ideas.  Brown/chocolate fondant works just like regular fondant, but another possibility is covering it in ganache--really tasty!  It needs to be kept cold, as it's basically the same thing as a truffle.  You can pour it on for a shiny finish, or whip it up and spread it on like frosting.   As for the crest, it's possible that out there somewhere is a mold for fondant/chocolate that can be bought and used.  It's also possible the person who made that cake...
If you took all the classes recently, you're half the way there.  Training takes place online in the form of videos, and there are group training seminars and workshop days as well, that occur once a year or two.  I've been a WMI for just over two years now at Michaels, and have been to both a workshop day and a two-day seminar.  Both were not a far travel, I live in northeast CT and they were both in nearby Massachusetts.  They were a really nice experience, getting to...
This one looks like exactly the one I had from Crugnale's in Lincoln, without the flowers. Thanks for the picture!
Thanks BakingIrene for an even deeper search into the history/origin of this fantastic cake!! a google search for Tyrolese got me to and this: Ty·rol or Ti·rol A region of the eastern Alps in western Austria and northern Italy. Inhabited in ancient times by Celtic peoples, the Tyrol constantly passed back and forth, in whole or in part, between Austria and Italy in the 1800s. .." Which explains how the Italians may have gotten...
That's odd--the one I saw was covered with tiny evenly spaced rows of little hammer dents.  no vines.
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