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I say keep it simple. Tim's Cake Supplies.
Hi Vista, I am having a little difficulty making changes on the file using the link you posted. It could just be me. Do you mind sending me a copy of the file? I pm'd you a little bit ago with my info. TIA
Sharon Zambito and Edna De La Cruz
Crumb Boss!! Yes, yes! Her buttercream is sooo good! Love her videos.
Maybe you can spell out Happy 5 th birthday in fondant that has the appearance of wood or match sticks. Like someone would gather wood or tree branches to spell out SOS.
This is too funny! Tx for the laugh
Well you have inspired me! Seriously!
You stated she is a friend of yours. For this reason alone I would just eat the cost on this one.
Magic Line!!
I understand how you feel. The only thing I can say is that some folks are used to going to the grocery store and purchasing decorated cookies that come 12 in a pack for $3.00. If people take the time to actually taste what their putting in their mouths, instead of just swallowing it, they would be able to taste the difference between homemade and the grocery store product. Going down maybe good, but you tend to get an after tatste that they tend to ignore. But then...
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