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High humidity will increase the condensation on your cake. It is better not to refrigerate it when it is humid. I've also kept the cake in the box while in the refrigerator. Then taken it out and let it come to room temperature without opening it. And like perfectcakebyashirley and scp1127 advised, cold a/c!!
I agree with Barabarajean and karensjustdessert. If this were another type of event then business and competition and individual gain would be your concern but this is a community coming together to help a family in need. I'm sure there will be other "overlapping" businesses involved (and maybe even individuals) who don't associate with each other day to day. Stay in the fund raiser.
Wow!! Thanks, JamAndButtercream and MacsMom!! Fantastic. I am so grateful!!
I have a request for a 3D cake for a graduation in June. The school's mascot/logo is an owl with its wings spread open. I can figure out the internal structure for the body of the owl but haven't found (or gotten answers back ) for the wings. Any ideas, hints, suggestions? Thanks!!
Wow! That's why I love this site! Thank you all for the ideas. They are all perfect. For some reason I couldnt come up with something. Thank you!!
Does anyone have any ideas for getting the effect of breadcrumb coated cutlet?Thank you!
I had someone bring this picture to me. I'm wondering who the cake artist is. Do you know?
Thank you for all the work that goes into to making this site the go-to for cake decorating!! I haven't looked at the entire site to check out all the new things. As always, I'll learn as I go and get used to the changes!I'm sure you'll hear all the glitches.
I'm sorry you had such a terrible experience. I alway use SMBC under my fondant but I don't put it in the refrigerator. I live in Hawaii and the humidity make the condensation ruin my cakes. I fill my cakes with SMBC and then spackle the cake per Toba Garrett's method. Then I let the cake sit for a few hours or overnight so it will settle. Then cover with fondant. HTH
I completely agree with the OP. If I lived where home-based business was allows, I would definitely consider it. A few months ago, in response to constant prompting, I called around to incubator projects and rental kitchen spaces. The hourly rate, while low to some, required that I bake and decorate full time with many multiple coake orders a week. That's not what I want to do. So, I continue to enjoy my hobby. Bake and decorated for friends and family.
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