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Hi everyone!  I just joined Sharon Zambito's new online Sugar Art School, and it's awesome!!!!  There's so much to do, and learn and Sharon's videos are awesome!  I've met a few new cake friends there as well!  Has anyone else had a chance to see it yet?  if not, I recommend it - you won't be sorry!
Hi!   I do cut out the section, that way I know they are actually sitting level and won't take any chances of them sliding.... my worst nightmare is having them slide off, even if the dowel is in place.
I rent from my local community center, plus they are open to advertising for me!
the Wilton t-shirt pan from 1979. I've tried ebay, but I don't really want to pay over $50... If anyone has one that they are willing to sell, please contact me Thank you!
Thank you! I'm attempting to do this for my hubby's birthday cake in July, so just wanted to see how it was done ahead of time. I think I understand how it's done, now to actually do it lol
cc member lu9219's photo and tutorial on making a "pouring soda can cake"? I've been searching for this and so far, the photo's that come up thank lu9129 for posting their pic and how to... any help would be appreciated!
I pour the dry mix into my mixing bowl, add the jello powder and whisk it together, then add the water, eggs, and oil. The flavor is almost exactly a creamsicle - a distinct orange flavor, yet creamy if that makes any sense. Everyone I made it for loved it! I use a sweet cream buttercream for it too, but I'm not sure if you can get that flavoring where you are. I think vanilla bean would be yummy with it though too.Sorry I didn't see the part about the egg yolks. I'm...
I make my creamsicle cake with orange jello powder all the time, and it's not bright neon colored and it has a very mild flavor. Super good starting with a french vanilla mix too. I whisk it in with the cake mix dry ingredients, then add the wet as per the box instructions, and bake as usual.
I use the upper tier and trace a "template" in the fondant on the lower tier, then carve out about a 1/4" at the deepest part, till a regular pan of the same size as the upper tier sits level on the lower tier.... hope this makes sense. I then place the fondant back to prevent the cake from drying, dowel rod as normal and then place the upper tier and "seal" the edges with buttercream.
When I use mine, I make sure to fill them a little more than 1/2 full, use a flower nail, (or 2 depending on which size of tier) in the "deep end" of the pan, and bake at 325. I have had no problems with doing it this way. Also, when I torte them, I use an Abgay so I get a nice even level cake.
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