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I've seen ppl use a bundt cake pan for a doll dress and I think you add a matching round at the bottom to add height. 
You get sticky tops when your sugar doesn't melt enough in your batter. It usually comes out of the oven dry to touch but gets sticky when cool whether you cover it or not.   Sticky tops coming out the oven usually means the cake is under-baked. 
Did you carve the cake? or did you use a dome shaped pan?   For me I've had problems when I removed the outer crust of the cake and my icing is in direct contact with the inside of the cake.   I dont know why but it never works for me
Thanks fromscratch but I've never used modeling chocolate so I don't have any. All I have right now is buttercream.
Hi   I have a cake due in a few hours but I don't have any gumpaste flowers or decorations and I obviously don't have the time for them to dry if I make something now. please help with ideas of decorations that don't need to dry?   The cake is for my godmother and she's allowing me to pic whatever style I want but the colors should be pink green and white.
thanks for sharing
I think this situation is way too complicated for my taste. I would be very cautious if I were you. Very risky job I think.Anyway if they did not specifically ask for colored fondant or cake maybe you can make an all white cake and fondant with white piping for added texture but use a colored ribbon to incorporate the color. You can make colored gumpaste figurines but attach them to pure white fondant or gumpaste discs before placing them onto the cake. Or if you're not...
Thanks for sharing
As advised I must remember to tell people how to store their cake in the future. That's if I ever recover from this shame and shock enough to make a cake for someone else. She just brought back a piece of the cake in a ziplock bag.I wish I could post a pic.It's still white there are no signs of mold on it. I can still see the layer of cherry filling. However the layer of cake under the cherry filling looks...
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