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Does anyone know if I can sell my Cake Boss software/license? I purchased the the software, used it maybe twice, and have decided to stop doing cakes.
Once you have been on antibiotics for 24 hr you aren't contagious any longer. I would still wear a mask and gloves with good hand hygiene.
If you go to the recipe section there are some listed that start with yellow or white cake mixes. DH even has a cinnamon cake mix.Best wishes!
I used a 4 in pan and just carved it to shape then covered with fondant. Then that was the bd girl's own personal cake.
I put both batters in the pan at the same time. I either pour both at the same time or I put a piece of folded up foil in the middle to stop the batters, then pull it out before baking.
Has anyone made "chocolate buttercream" with some type of flavoring instead of cocoa. I have someone that wants chocolate buttercream, but doesn't want the cake to be brown and doesn't want fondant Will it taste ok if I put reg buttercream on top for decorating purposes?Thanks.
Just wanted to share. ACMoore has 20 x 30 3/16 foam core on sale for 99 cents (reg price was 2.69 i think) until 4/2.I just started using foam core so not sure if that is a good price, but it seemed pretty good to me.I thought for sure the cashier would ask what the heck I was doing with it when I bought pretty much all they had
I did take it back to the store and they told me it was fine, that is how CK is. I threw away, along with the two batches or buttercream I had made with it.I tend to be a little heavy handed with the vanilla, so I don't think I could get used to using less Thanks for your answers!!
I bought a big bottle of CK vanilla flavoring from a cake shop and it doesn't smell like vanilla at all and when I tasted it it taste horrible like straight alcohol. This is the first time I bought CK vanilla and I didn't know if this is how the product is or is there something wrong with it.I'm planning on returning it today, but just wanted to get your thoughts.THX!!
Can anyone licensed in PA give me an idea of what it entails here. I know it is legal to have home bakeries and I would like to get licensed, but I have two dogs and I know the first rule is NO animals in the home.
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