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You can buy acetate sheets used for chocolate (so presumably food safe) from or jb prince or other outlets that carry baking type products. You can also buy the sheets from art supply stores like Dick Blick, etc... Good luck! RJ
Hi - I would only include things that don't require refrigeration then you don't have to worry. I used to do cookie trays for catered events and would use the plastic trays with the snap on dome covers. I think I got them at the local party goods store. Another thing that's easy to use is use a holiday plastic plate, like a dinner sized plate, then wrap in foodgrade mylar and tie a bow at the top (looks like a gift basket). You could do two sizes - a small and large - one...
Hi - it could be that the cake was made using the reverse creaming method - I would suggest Rose Levy Berenbaum's white velvet cake recipe or you could try King Arthur Flour's white cake (I haven't tried it). Rose's cakes come out dense with a very tight crumb but so soft and delicious! Best of luck!
Hi - I freeze unfrosted cupcakes all the time in ziploc freezer bags and they come out fine. So you could freeze them, then take them out in the morning, leave in the bags until defrosted (so the condensation forms on the outside of the bag). Then line them up and frost. I have also frozen frosted cupcakes in tupperware containers and same thing - leave tightly covered until defrosted - they should be fine.  Good luck! RJ
How about a pumpkin cupcake with a cream cheese frosting - I just made these and caramelized some pumpkin seeds for the top - everyone loved them. Red velvet, peppermint, carrot cake.... Best of luck to you! RJ
MBalaska-I wrap all my cakes in Saran Wrap while a little warm and put in the freezer-even if it's just for a day. Never had anyone tell me my cakes are dry! I think the only recipes I used a simple syrup on when baking were Rose Berenbaums recipes with the mixing method other than creaming ( I always forget the name!) I love the texture of her cakes but in my experience a lot of people don't so I only make them for me... Happy baking to you!
MBalaska - that has been my go to recipe for yellow cake for a couple of years - it's great every time! RJ
oops - just read you need it to be 3-4 inches high and most pie pans are probably 1-2 could tape acetate onto a pie plate (it's the correct shape without the ridges) and extend the sides then brush on chocolate?
How about using a 10" (or larger) pie plate? If you use a glass one, once you coat the inside with chocolate, you can pop in the freezer for a few minutes and then the chocolate "shell" should pop right out. Good luck! RJ
Haha - it does look like a pair of lips (or crop circles) and I have never seen anything like it either. The top looked like brownies, but this was what it looked like when I turned it out. The rest of the batter went into a square pan that came out fine - didn't rise much but tasted like a fudgy brownie.....
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