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I just made one of these for a grooms cake. I made the wrapped look by putting a VERY thick coat of buttercream, on the top . After I covered it in fondant, working very quick I used one of my veining tools and created deep circular  ' valley's ' and  with my fingers pinched them to the shape I want them in the coil. After that I dusted with black luster dust to fill in the spaces and give it more depth. I hope this helps.
I think it's a great idea Heath. When I first visited cake central for advice I already had 14 years of decorating experience and had a question about something a bit more advanced . I did need advice from more experienced designers. An inexperienced designer would not have been able to help me had they been the only ones to view my question. Fortunately I received a wonderful response from members and it was a great experience. I do see a lot of questions that newbies...
That has to be the sweetest guy ever!  My birthday is Saturday and at best I get an ice cream candles.  Christmas babies do get shafted most of the time . The most romantic cake I was asked to make had all of the woman's favorite flowers around the sides, an edible image of a love note he passed to her in 7th grade and an engagement ring. I cried when he was giving me the run down, and the fact he chose cake to convey his message made him all the...
The only way I know of to " stack" a cake like that is to use a caddy wampus stand or build your own from PVC. There are some great tutorials online on how to construct a stand like the one used on the cake in your photo inexpensively. 
I have done it.  I do a lot of vegan cakes and my gumpaste contains egg whites so I cannot use it in my toppers and accents. I just use straight fondant and give it extra time to dry. I normally allow a week.
I have gone rounds with these as well. First I bought the cheapo ones on ebay from China, those were useless. Then I bought the PME ones, big difference but still not fun. I found that dusting the cutter and the fondant with some confectioners sugar and let it dry a few minutes.  Then I press in the cutter ( no plunger yet) and wiggle a bit , pick up the cutter, the snowflake should be in it, then I press the plunger into it with my finger in the middle to make the...
I'm sorry this happened to you. I'm sure your cake was fine, some people are just difficult to please, some are looking to get money back ,and some are just used to boxed, overly sweet, chemical laden cakes and their palate just can't adjust to scratch cake. Your client may have been all of the above. Keep caking, you have a 99% satisfaction rating which is fabulous!
I used it to make a Grave Digger Monster truck cake. To make the back a hatchback I used crumbs from what I leveled off the bottom , mixed those with some buttercream and pressed and moulded them on top of the "trunk" of the 3D cake to fill it in up to the roof  and molded it with my hands. ( if that makes any sense at all .lol)  You may need to do some carving but I found it much easier using the pan than carving from square cakes like I normally did.
I have those pans as well and I use them the same as I do the regular rounds and squares. I only flower nail the 12 inch. I am thinking they may be over filled.  When I use my mad hatters I fill to about 2/3 of the shallow side and I use my bake even strips on them. I also use my regular cake recipes, I never use then with a carrot cake or anything very dense. I worry they will have trouble cooking thoroughly. I hope this helps
I noticed they discontinued the 'cake central' code a few months ago. Without that code I have found Global Sugar Art to be less expensive than they are.
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