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Use half the amount of milk the recipe calls for and it should work. That's what I did for my kids when we made worms and dirt using almond milk.
That sounds good. I will try that too. Thanks!
I will check into that. I know I didn't look at the amount when I bought the Cool Whip, just grabbed the small one.
Thanks for your input! I'm determined to figure this out since I love the way this tastes!
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to try both ideas. I honestly can't remember if I ever let the cool whip get to room temp. before but I did the last 2 times for sure....hmmmmm....maybe that's the problem.
Ok, I've used this icing recipe about 5 times with no issues but for some reason it is no longer working. I use it for a cookies and cream cake but will reserve some frosting before adding the cookies. It's always been firm enough to pipe. The last 3 times though, it is soooo runny, it would be impossible to pipe. Thinking that maybe I had used name brand ingredients previously, I went to the store, bought more supplies and tried again.....same runny results. Tried adding...
I do not use brand name marshmallow. The 1 and only time I did, the results were a million tiny air bubbles and after it was on the cake it became sticky. I usually use Target store brand or the generic at my grocery store. Once I used dollar tree marshmallows and that was bad also, fondant was pitting.
This is a problem I have too with no solution so far. My counters are tile and the kitchen table has's frustrating. Curious too see what others have done.
I agree about doctoring the cake mix and if you do, I wouldn't use Pillsbury. Every time I've doctored it, it seems to leave an oily feeling in my mouth. Not sure if it's the recipe I use or what. The others (Betty Crocker, Duncan Hines) never turn out that way. I'm a self taught newbie so I don't have much advice but I just did a wedding cake for my sister so I'll tell you what I learned from that experience........Give yourself waaaaaayyyyy more time to complete the cake...
What a beautiful cake! I just did my first wedding cake too and completely understand the feeling when everyone loves your cake. It feels great after all the stress and hard work. You did awesome!
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