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I am using it over WBH icing so there is no problem of mushy fondant etc...
Thanks Cakeyouverymuch....     Will vinegar eliminate the acid taste?..I want it to taste like regular wilton piping flavor...Does vinegar do this??     Thanks Laurel
I just made the Piping Gel that works recipe and although the consistency is great etc..I am not keen on the lemon flavor...   Is there another substitute I can use instead of lemon juice?..I have to make a large batch for a swimming pool cake and I'm afraid the lemon flavor will clash with the vanilla icing flavor...   What does the lemon juice do to the recipe anyway?is it need for acid etc?     Thanks   Laurel
Does anyone know how to make clear edible glitter from egg whites?If so can yo share your recipe.   Thanks
I have a 4.5 and a 5 quart and they are both going all the time..Especially when making 2-3 batches of icing....Couldn't do without either...Even thinking of getting another one.
Are they any good to use...What do they taste like?? are they easy to cut through on a cake?   Anyone's thoughts who have used them....     Thanks
I need to make a 3D Bell for a Chritsmas cake and figured making a poured chocolate one would be best...I tried making a RKT one and although the shape is perfect ect..when I covered it in fondant it was way to bumpy...   I am having a hard time finding where to purchase...I have checked Michael's craftstore in their Christmas aisle but only found round plastic ornaments...   anuone know of anywhere else??   Thanks
Over the years there has been many pictures or beautiful ornament cakes/cupcakes and poured chocolate ones...   I would like to make some for a Santa cake I am doing.I don't really want to make cupcakes with domed tops or two Wilton half ball cakes but rather make an actaul chocolate ornament (pour two halves and glue together)..Is there any tutorials...How To's or You Tube videos to show how to do this??     Thanks
Ha!Ha! I cracked up of the picture of an exacto knife..I have several of these....LOLI think you ladies have answered my question and the answer is I don't need one!!Thanks
Hi All,I bought a cricut about 3-4 years ago when the fad was hot..Tried it a few times and of course it didn't work the way I wanted it too..I am not a patient person... and I quickly sold it on Kijiji...I am seeing all these wonderful cakes made with all these scrolls and patterns and am thinking again ...Maybe I should try it again...Can anyone give me honest and realistic reasons as to why or why not I should try it again...Is it even popular out there now?Laurel
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