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Is it possible to add a bit more a tbsp or 2-3...I don't want tostart adding real chocolate as that adds up in cost.
I only have devils food mixes and the customer wants Chocolate fudge..What can I add to make it chocolater??I don't have time to get to a store to get chocolate fudge mixes..Help....   Thanks
You are always going to get people who want a ball park number...these are called "Tire Kickers" and usually aren't wanting/willing to spend much on a cake anyways and are just looking to see who can qoute them lower..LET THEM!! ...Who cares if someone down the street is charging $200.00 for the same cake you would charge $500.00 for..Dollars to donuts they are lying to you to see if you'll come down...I wouldn't charge for quotes as like you said..they walk away before...
So I have an order for 40 fondant covered domed cupcakes..They are black and white with Chanel logos and bows,mini purses,mini high heels etc   I was thinking of baking regular cupcakes and cutting off the tops and then baking Wilton Mini ball cakes to glue ontop..or...   should I try and just baked Perfectly round domed cupcakes??which seems to never happen   What is the secret to perfectly round/domed cupcakes...Do share
Amerciolor Amerimists are some of the best airbrush colors out there...The white does have a habit of seperating if left for a long time without shaking..It is just the nature of the ingredients to make white.The Pear/Metallic sheens will also do that but if you stir and reshake them they will dissolve to be usable again...I have used all brands...Lucks,Kroma,Chefmaster and Americolor and I think by far the Amerimists are better in both vibrance and color choice.
Mine is....."Can you not make the icing so sweet!! "   such idiots....
I am using it over WBH icing so there is no problem of mushy fondant etc...
Thanks Cakeyouverymuch....     Will vinegar eliminate the acid taste?..I want it to taste like regular wilton piping flavor...Does vinegar do this??     Thanks Laurel
I just made the Piping Gel that works recipe and although the consistency is great etc..I am not keen on the lemon flavor...   Is there another substitute I can use instead of lemon juice?..I have to make a large batch for a swimming pool cake and I'm afraid the lemon flavor will clash with the vanilla icing flavor...   What does the lemon juice do to the recipe anyway?is it need for acid etc?     Thanks   Laurel
Does anyone know how to make clear edible glitter from egg whites?If so can yo share your recipe.   Thanks
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