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Is the recipe posted here?
I am in need of a dense sturdy white cake recipe to use for a 3D cake...I have used butter pound cake in the past and although it tastes good it is very greasy...   anyone have a good recipe??     Laurel :-)
I am in need of the large Decopac Pirate ship cake kit...It is for a 3D cake..I have tried everywhere here in Canada to find it and no luck...If you have one and are willing to sell it for a reasonable price please PM me...I need it for July 6th....   I also have Paypal as well for instant payment....     Thanks   Laurel :-)
Yes..that does help..I was just gonna glue them on with Royal icing....
How do I attach the fondant balls on the ends of Duffs curled wires?     Thanks
Customer sent this picture to me so I could try and re-create the large flowers..I normally don't do gumpaste flowers but these look easy enough..What is the name of it and what cutters would I need?Is there a tutorial?         Thanks
You have to be careful with melted chocolate because if you add warm chocolate to cold icing it will solidify and cause little hard chocolate flecks....and you can't get rid of them....ask me how I know...;-)
I have an order for a 3D Alligater/croc head...The shape isn't hard to do but I saw this tutorial on youtube and it looked to be a class and she showed how to carve the entire body and head but what really intriged me was the (students and instructor) all used a piece of cut cardboard shaped like the mouth and bent open like a big V..I watched the whole video but it jumped right to the end where the body/head was entirely covered by fondant but it didn't show how the...
Unfortunately you are never going to get a good coverage of any metallic color on Buttercream.It just isn't possible.I have tried painting and airbrush and it doesn't work at all...the gold becomes very muted and so does the silver...never found a good way to paint buttercreamm..wish I knew..HTH
I want to do something different...Are there any new exciting techniques I've missed...
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