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I am making a small 3 tiered cake...8 inch 6 inch and 4 inch ontop...The customer is wanting the varagated colors in the rose swirl technique.Should I use a smaller tip than a 2D or 1M as I move up to the 6 inch and 4 inch tiers??     Thanks
I am new to using the Red Velvet bulk cake mix from Bakemark.It is item number 36843 and comes in a 10kg bag...Rougly 25 lbs...   Can anyone tell me how much dry mix I need to equal like a box mix..Do I add the same amount of water,oil and eggs...??     Thanks     Laurel :-)
I have a cake order for Dec 20th.The customer ordered a two tiered cake...10 and 6 and wants it covered in red fondant.I have covered a lot of 3D cakes in fondant but not many tiered cakes and fear the cake will bulge or buckle..What is the best technique for keeping this from happening..I have used ganache before for a 3D purse and it kinda hardened like chocolate so I am thinking this will work to keep the cake perfectly round and no middle ripples...   Thoughts...
Every year I offer decorative bundt cakes all wrapped up in cellophane and ribbons for Teachers gifts..I'd like a different flavor combination other than the regular flavors like chocolate etc...something different like chocolate mocha or orange spice..I don't know....   Any suggestions!!     Laurel :-)
Thanks Cherrcakes..That;s what I wanted to know..I appreciate it!!
Stitches,   I have been on this forum for almost 10 years now...Most of the 8000 post were made in the early days when I was new and starting out.I have been mostly home based doing cakes when I can for family and a few friends and aqaintences and rarely do craft fairs(not in 9 years) ....and went back to work FT for several years..It is just now that I become fully licensed and Re -Grand opened my business on a full time basis...I resent the implication that you are...
No one has tried this?  I'd really like to know....LOL
Jason _kraft....California I suspect is a very expensive market so although you may think $1.85 for a cakepop is too cheap...Here you just can't charge $3.00 or more...people just won't buy them from a home based business for that but for some reason they will from Starbucks....Go Figure....Plus every stay at home Mom around here is offering to make them for cheap so...I don't really care about the cakepops anyways as they are not a important part of my business..I just...
Interesting thought...So then I should charge my regular price of $1.85. for cakepops but I have never sold dipped pretzels before..What would be the going rate?
I don't have a retail store as I am a home based business.I thought if I put "special price for today only"...Then I don't think would be upset when they come to my website and they are slightly more..Businesses put items on sale at Fairs/events all the time...People understand that a lot of times there are sale prices at these events.
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