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Yeah I thought the same thing about those round balls Leah S...don't want to do them really...LOL   Do you think they are dipped in white chocolate or a white fondant poured over? Which would be easier?
I have a bride who sent me this pic and whats me to quote her which is no big deal however she asked that the bottom tier be fake and she wants me to quote the cake in gluten free and the balls as well..   Do you quote Styrofoam as much as regular cake? I have never done a faux tier before...thoughts on prices for the Ball ornaments as well....Thanks..
If anyone still has a Heavenly cakepop roller to sell for a reasonable price please PM me contact me
I was sent this picture by a customer who wants me to replicate the ruffled layer...It looks pretty basic but I would still like to hear from anyone who has made a cake like this...It looks like circles cut out and kinds crumpled and then stuck on the cake...   any tips or advice would be appreciated!! Thanks  
I learnt along time ago to ask 3 important questions before I even get into with them...   What is the date of your event?   How many people are you wanting to feed   What is your budget?     Once I hear back from them and they tell me I then offer/suggest what I have in their price range...9 times out of 10 they are unrealistic about pricing and it soon ends...I have people who try and say...."What will you do for me for x amount of dollars"  or what if I offered...
Thankyou so much..I am going to give that a try!!!Yeahhhhhh
Ahhhhh.Thanks K8..I didn't know what that meant...LOL       Okay is what is on the 20kg bag..which is roughly 44lb as I know you do not use kg in the US.   20 kg bag of base mix   44lb 8 kg water                      17lb 10oz 4 kg eggs                       8lb 13oz     I am used to making batches the same as a boxed mix roughly 432g to 500g boxes depends on the brand.....If someone super smart can help me figure out the smaller amounts I would love you...
Who the hell is this Bake Machini anyways...I am not a large company and YES I am a professional baker with my own company for 13 years...This does not warrant my question to be a Joke!!!   I am not Cake Boss where I mix up enough batter for hundreds of cake a day so YES...I need the formula for the bulk mix in smaller ratios....If you have a problem with that NEWBIE then get Off this site!! Really...some people...
Hi Everyone,   I bought a few bags of the Monarch White Cake Base ..I believe it is the 50 lb bag....   Has anyone else used this mix and if so what would be the ratios for smaller cake batches.I am trying to get the equivalent of a boxed mix at 432g...I need to know the water ,oil and number of eggs needed...The only ratios are on the bag but they are for the entire bag in an industrial mixer...     Thanks     Laurel :-)
I have a client who sent me a few pictures of chocolate covered oreos with a fondant flower ontop and a chocolate dipped rice crispy square..   What would you charge for each? I am in a large city where cake prices and cakepops are more than a small town....   Here are the pics...The original artist does incredible work!!
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