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I have 4 dozen 3.5" round cookies sitting on my counter waiting to be packaged. The problem is that they don't fit in the 4x6" Wilton bags. I guess I wasn't thinking when I ordered them. They are for a shower on Saturday so I don't have time to order anything online. Can someone please tell me what my options are and where I can get it locally (Philly area)? I'm pretty sure 4x6 was the biggest cello bag michaels had besides the big bread bags. Lesson learned for the...
Great! So, as long as i am successful at getting the fur on the cake (keep the bag cool), the "hairs" will hold their shape and not melt into each other?
Im making a monster cake this weekend and would prefer to use smbc, but I'm not sure if it can hold the detail. Ive piped borders and such with no problem, but I'm nervous about using a grass tip. I just thought I'd ask the experts before I made a batch. Thanks so much!
Thanks Auzzi! Will do!
Does anyone know why pound cake recipes tend to get the tough sugary crust on top? Is it possible to prevent it? I use a great recipe for a loaf pound cake and it is near perfect (taste, texture etc) except the top and I'm too embarrassed to serve it. Anyone have a solution? I'd like to make a nice soft, smooth golden top.The recipe is:2 sticks butter1/2 c shortening3 c sugar2t vanilla1/2 t butter flavoring4 eggs plus two yolks1/2 t baking powder1/2 t salt3 c all purpose...
Well, I tried adding cc to the cooked icing and it was a disaster. Tasted delicious, but no matter what I did, I couldn't get it to come together and stay that way. It was a curdled mess. Oh well... It was a tasty experiment!
I'm not really sure of the exact proportions as I was just randomly experimenting. It was something like 5c of smbc added to 8oz of super softened cream cheese. I didn't add a ton of cc just bc I know it can break down the icing.
Ive tried smbc with cream cheese and it was delicious. Just wondering if there are any other options out there that don't involve powdered sugar. Has anyone ever added cream cheese to a southern cooked frosting perhaps?
Hmmmm..... I've made hard lollipops for years and years and I've never used more than a dram of flavoring per batch (1 cup sugar). If you are used to store bought flavors, is it possible that you are just missing the tartness factor? If you add some citric acid (sour salts) it will enhance the flavor and may be more like what you are familiar with.HTH!
Two things worked for me. First, stop using craft store candy melts. I switched to a brand called bada bing bada boom (I think). I found them at They are great.Second, when you dip, do a little tap tap tap on the side of the bowl while twirling the stick. This helps get it uniformly coated and gets the lumps and wrinkles out. Oh, and on more thing, don't freeze them completely before dipping them, or they will crack!HTH!
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