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A giant cupcake and a Mystery Machine from Scooby doo for me this week. I had to re bake my cakes as I used a different chocolate and the cakes came out like concrete. I then had no power for a whole day as they were replacing a light pole across the street. It was too cold to ganache. So I ended up another day behind. I did catch up on Friday and even managed to get three dozen rum balls done for a Christmas in July function. Very glad to be done and dusted tomorrow I can...
I bake anywhere from Sunday to Tuesday  depending on my schedule and when my family demands my attention. I don't freeze as I bake mudcakes and they are better left to mature. I just wrap them in glad wrap and leave them. I ganache Wednesday , fondant cover Thursday . Remaining decorating Friday.  Deliver or Pick up Saturday.
All my cakes have buttermilk in them, I always think that it adds to the keepability of the cake . Mine last at least three or more weeks and I never fridge my cakes.
I give a choice of three different serving sizes,and charge for the number of the one by two slices in the cake
I would personally , hand paint them with the end of a small paintbrush , just mix powder colour with alcohol and go for it. 
I agree with AZ, I do just as much work ( sometimes more ) for cakes that are for occasions other than a wedding.   I don't agree with a "wedding" price or "party" price.  I just have " a " price and if you want to eat bigger pieces of cake at a party then order more cake .   So that covers the pricing problem, as for ideas and inspiration . Listen to your brides and grooms , ask about their wedding, lives, ask them to bring colour samples, pictures of cakes they...
I work almost exclusively in mud. I know lots of people that eat fondant, I only use a very thin layer so it just becomes part of the cake. Although if you are just starting out it is better to the fondant a little thicker until you are used to the medium.   The silver boards that we use here in Oz do not need wrapping .  The ones you get from Spotlight are usually fine , if you can't get one the exact right size just buy the one a bit larger and use your cake tin to...
The royal shouldn't be too runny . Gum glue or water can distort or sort of melt the feathers that is why royal works best. Start at the top and like JWinslow says , have as many precut as you can.   Good Luck , and don't forget to post a photo. Chelle
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