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Thank you so much...This is the original that I used....
Thank you so much for the help. I was frantic trying to find the recipe. Both will be helpful. Thanks again!  
I used this cake recipe about a year ago and it was very good. Unfortunately, it was in my favorites but somehow they have been lost. Does anyone have this recipe? It starts from a box cake mix and you add other ingredients. Please share :).....thanks
THanks so much...thats a great and affordable idea.
I was noticing today the silver and gold board paper at hobby lobby is very expensive. I was wondering if there are other things I can use that will work. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
I really enjoy making the cakes but of course its a learning process. Its nice to have people like you, and this site to go to for help. Thanks a lot!
I am making my grandson a Mario cake for his Birthday. I have made many of the characters from molding chocolate and tootsie rolls. My problem is...I will make a large Mario for the top of the cake..I know that solid chocolate will be too heavy and I was wondering if I can safely cover Styrofoam. I don't want to poison the party goers. I know i could use rice crispy treats but that would mean making it the last few days before the party and since I am new to this its...
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