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It's quite simple to cut a stencil, I did some for cupcakes
Hi, if you can paint, then you will be able to paint on cakes, just use sugarflair gel/paste colours. You can dilute them with alcohol like vodka or buy rejuvenator from cake shops.Hope this helps, good luckSalena
I find the sugarflair colours a bit limited, I wanted a vivid turquoise, I'm quite happy with their reds and black. Where did you get your americolor from Cath?
Hi guys, after spending hours and hours on here looking at all the fantastic work, I've come to the conclusion that the colour range available in the U.K sucks! So I would like to know the best range of vibrant colours I could order from the U.S or wherever. Cheers
Ive just bought some *patchwork* cutters off ebay you have to use mexican gumpaste with them, I`m still playing around with them atm, only got them today. I want to use them for the same purpose. Think in the U.S they call them tappets, hope this helpsSalena
Thankyou, for the advice, I will post a pic when I`ve done
Help! I've been asked to make an Aston martin cake for a friend, what advice can you give me to carve it without it just crumbling into a mess??? I'm stressing about it already.
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