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Hi everyone. Need some info on a GOOD quality source of white or off-white cupcake liners that will STAY white, even after red velvet in baked in them. Experiences? Suggestions? Thanks!
What kind of stamens are these? Anyone know where to get them or what they're called? Thanks in advance for any help!
Found it! Was a cake by Artisan Cake Company on the Dragon Con Sunday Sweets edition. Whew!
There's a cake that gave me such wonderful giddy feelings when I saw it, and now I'm doing a cake where I could really use the inspiration because it has similar elements. Problem is, I can't find the picture, even with hours of googling! It had an appearance on Sunday Sweets in the last year I think. It has two guys on a couch. Looked so real! Unfortunately, that's all I remember about it. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
Haha I was just saying, inappropriately shifting the focus and hijacking the thread is what I do. Don't worry bout it. Relax!
Depends on the size, how many inches is the overhang on each balcony?
Thank you!!! I feel so much better now.
Look at how it's made, then you decide!
I recommend using Rhonda's MMF recipe located in the most saved recipe section of this site. It's fantastic.
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