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thank-you for all of the responses, looks like I will be experimenting this weekend. Heres hoping
I have a friend who wants me to make the crown royal cake I have in my photos, and with the party being only adults they want me to make the frosting with crown royal mixed in. I have never added liquor to my frosting before and not sure how to do this. I was also looking for a chocolate coca cola cake recipie and the one I found on here didn't have good feedback. I usually use box cake, but would be willing to do one from scratch if I had to.Any help or advice would be...
I dont know if this will help, but I just got a catalog from country kitchen sweetart, they have a large selection of cutters, some of them I think look very sim. to what you are looking at (ie:the baby items,bibs,onsies) I don't know how I got the catalog didn't request it, but now that I have it have been marking items for my wish list. they have a site also hth
this is one that I use and I like it alot 1/2 C veg short. (I use crisco)1 stick butter, (1/2 C)3/4 C cocoa powder1 tsp vanilla4 C P. sugaradd milk Tbs at a time till it is the consistancy you want, I also add a little corn syrup, about 1 Tbs. I'm not sure why I do, but that is what my sister told me to do and she has been decorating cakes alot longer than i have, so I do what she says.HTH
i just brush a small amount of water or corn syrup to the back of my fondant pieces before sticking them on the cake. I haven't had any problems yet. Just don't use too much water or the colors will run.
according to the wilton wedding cake chart it says that you will need about 35 cups of frosting to frost and decorate that many layers/sizes of cake. If you are like me you will need a little more. I like to have more on hand than needed, I hate running out in the middle of frosting/decorating. Hope that helps, good luck, I will be praying for you.
I have put gumpaste and fondant in the fridge. My cowboy hat cake in my photos, the brim was all gumpaste, I had made it a couple of days ahead of time and it was really hard, it sat in the fridge for a day with no problems at all. HTH
I fuond a site that had at least 2 of your animals, and than a section that you could request a certain animal it is, if that doesn't work I typed in pre made fondant animals for sale in my search and it was the first site that came up. According to the site they run about $7 a piece. Not too bad if you don't need them all the time. I hear you when it comes to making animals, I have no skill myself. HTH
Hello:I am wanting to make a flexible spider web for a Halloween cake and was wondering if anyone has a substitute sugar veil. I will order it if I have to, but I don't think it will get here in time (I live in AK and the shipping will be more than the product itself) I'm used to that, but would like to avoid it if possibleThanks for the help in advance
I have only used tham a couple of times, and everytime I have I have alot left over, can you store/freeze the rest for a later date. I would really like to do this seems how I never need the whole thing.
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