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This sounds a lot like an upcoming cake I have to do. The client wanted a two tier (6" heart on 10" square cake), with hearts and stars and jewels on wires, and writing, and a large 25, and polka dots and stripes on the cakes layers, and oh, do you think you can incorporate a lighthouse and beach theme into that too? Ya, just let me stand back and throw everything I own at that cake! lol!
Thanks CWR13! I don't know why I didn't think of looking for a C-shaped tip! Do you think they just putting the curved part of the C on the cake and pulling up? I only use IMBC, do you think it would be firm enough to create this effect?I really need to experiment with this!
Does anyone know how (and what tip) White Flower Cake Shoppe does their signature flowers? I love the look of them and would like to attempt to recreate them. 1st cake in the gallery is a good example of what I'm referring to. you!
I'm looking for a past post regarding MFF and I can't seem to find it. It was perhaps started by Michele, and titled something like, "All you ever wanted to know about MFF", or something like that. It was a really long post, so hopefully someone can help me? Thank you!
I find it depends on the temperature of the buttercream and my kitchen. Usually 5-10 mins on high with my whisk attachment. I now only use my whisk attachment because I found the beater blade wasn't getting it fluffy enough. Good luck!
^ Rosie, it sounds like it hasn't been beaten enough. When I re-whip mine, it can really look yellow and butterlike and not be very sweet. I re-whip it on high until it gets light and fluffy (and it will get much whiter) and then leave the mixer on low for about five minutes to get the air bubbles out.
My pastry chef recommended using good cocoa powder because the oil in chocolate can sometimes leech out of the buttercream. I add a good quality cocoa powder to my buttercream after the butter has been added and the icing has been whipped, it is so yummy!!!
I much prefer Michele's fondant. I had been using MMF for about a year, and my biggest problem was that because the fondant never hardened or set up, even when I rolled the fondant thin, it was sag over time and get lumpy. With Michele's my cakes look so much better and keep there nice crisp edges! I think this is because the fondant sets up before the buttercream underneath starts to soften. It takes a little getting used to, but I am now a convert and will never go back...
I use Michele Foster's Fondant recipe on this site and add 6oz of chocolate to the recipe. The directions for making dark or white chocolate fondant are included in the notes of her recipe.
I think you would be fine with the 5" clearance unless you plan on having really tall decorations on top of the cupcakes. I think most cupcakes are about 2" high, plus about 2" frosting, so you would have an inch of clearance above that.
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