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I've done both, iced and filled with Ganache, and I've also filled with buttercream (or mousse) and then iced in ganache. Just make sure to use a ganache dam to hold in the buttercream or mousse filling.
I think she did a really great job, especially for her first time! A couple of things stuck out to me that she could work on for future cakes- Make sure the cakes are level on top- Work on making sure the sides are straightMy guess is that the buttercream wasn't perfectly smooth before the fondant was applied, which really, really helps get a nice smooth finished cake. I would recommend she looks for a tutorial on the upside down icing method, it has drastically improved...
Mbranko, it looks like it is only in HC, although the all-American Chocolate buttercake recipe looks really similar except it doesn't have 2TBSP of oil added with the chocolate and butter.
It's in Heavenly Cakes, but it might also be in the Cake Bible too. I'll take a look when I get home!
^ I've personally never had problems with the Hershey's cake, but I do prefer other recipes because of taste and texture. My personal favorite right now is RLB's Chocolate Layer Cake. I actually ran out of cake flour and had to sub AP (by weight, not volume) and I actually liked the texture better! Just a bit more fudgy!
^The stuff they use at the bakery might be slightly different then, because they keep it in a tub under the counter, don't refridgerate the cakes they fill with it and they put the clamshells on the shelf.FromScratch: Just so I can understand the science behind it a bit better, what makes the creme anglais shelf stable? Is it because the milk is cooked to a certain temp? From what I understand of the Cottage Food laws, a food isn't considered perishable because it contains...
This is wonderful! Thank you so much! I use IMBC (but I imagine it would work just as well as SMBC in this case?) so I just need to try out the homemade pudding. I would much prefer this to using instant pudding!Everyone is just so darn helpful! Thank you!
I don't usually put fondant covered cakes in the fridge, but I'm thinking I might do that in this case. The cake is being delivered at 1, and the party is at 3, so if I have to go this route, I think it will be fine as well. I'm going to try out the recipe I posted above, and see how it tastes!
I think it is the same as this stuff: Pastry Filling-Bavarian CreamExcellent for pies, pastries, cookies, tortes, and between cake layers. One sleeve pastry filling yields 3 cups. These pastry fillings do not soak into cakes. Refrigerate after opening; stays fresh for 3-6 months. Filled cakes may be frozen or refrigerated. Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Modified Food Starch. Contains 2% or less of the following; Partially Hydrogenated Soybean and Cottonseed Oils, Salt, Natural...
Hi all, I have a cake for this weekend and the client has requested Bavarian Cream filling. In the past, I have purchased it from the bakery at the grocery store and it is non-perishable. However, my New Years resolution this year was to start baking from scratch, so I would really like to find a recipe that I could make from scratch if possible. The cake will be sitting out for some time, so I would like to find a non-perishable recipe if possible. Thanks!
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