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I have a wedding to do next weekend that involves mini cupcakes and a 6" cutting cake. I would normally do all of my baking early in the week but there was a big mixup from the company I bought the cupcake liners from, and I will now be waiting until Wednesday or Thursday to receive them. I only need one batch of the cake recipe for the cake and mini cupcakes, and I need to bake the cake earlier in the week, so I'm wondering if I can put the remaining batter in the fridge...
If you don't have a sharp edge in your buttercream, you won't have a sharp edge on your fondant. I highly recommend using either gananche or a meringue buttercream and using the upside down icing method. It's the only way I can get super sharp edges.
A 4",6",8" would get you close. A 6 and 8 is 36 servings, plus I'm guessing 6-8 more for a 4"? But I'd still be charging them for the full number of servings.
And on the West Coast we have to have basements so other people can live in them and help us pay our mortgage!
From what I understand we have the same regulations in BC. If I want to bake and sell from home I need a seperate kitchen, but if I want to bake and take that to the market and sell it in a dirty field, that's okay! That makes no sense at all to me!I think we need to get the wheels rolling on a Cottage Food law for Canada!Does anyone know who to call to find out the exact regulations? Should I be calling the Ministry of Health or my own municipality? I live in the sticks,...
I usually bake Monday or Tuesday, wrap and freeze. Thursday I fill and crumbcoat (I fill and frost the layers frozen), then pop in the fridge. I use IMBC and have no issues with bulges so I don't have to let my cakes settle at room temp.Friday I cover in fondant and decorate.
I had a crap load of problems with MMF, so I switch to Michele Foster's Fondant (MFF), the recipe is in the recipe section. It firms up like traditional fondant, rolls out really nicely and I am now able to get nice sharp edges. It's a bit more time to make then MMF, but so worth it!
I would check if the person is okay with corn products. While it is considered safe for celiacs, many have problems with corn as well, meaning icing sugar is out as most of them contain corn starch.
I never thought about adding more chocolate to firm it up, that's so smart!
I made ganache for a cake this week and I royally messed it up (which is a common theme for me and ganache!)I know for dark chocolate ganache, the ratio is 2:1, but where I get confused is whether the cream measurement is by weight or volume. The gananche I made this week I used 40oz chocolate, and 20oz cream by weight. It was really soft and didn't firm up at all. Should I have used 40oz of chocolate and 20oz of cream by volume?I'd really like to figure out these ganache...
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