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I tried MFF for the first time last week. I really loved it, great taste, great workability, but I had a heck of a time getting the decorations (also made of MFF) to stick to it! The flowers on my flower cake had to be stuck on with royal icing!I did cover the cakes and let them sit out overnight, so the fondant had dried and firmed up, but no amount of vodka or water was working. I am used to working with MMF, which I find so sticky that I often only needed a very small...
This is brilliant!!
I believe most of the alcohol does cook off, but I have also heard that alcohol can dry out the cake, so I wouldn't put much in.As for the pineapple taste, I would recommend adding some Lor-ann oil in pineapple flavour. I use that, rum flavouring and coconut flavouring to make my pina-colada frosting.
Thank you very much! I think you guys have just convinced me that I need to order the Silouette! And some icing sheets!
Do you know if the silhouette works on fondant as well? I have seen her cakes that have a lot of gumpaste decoration on them and while they are beautiful, I wonder about serving them to people with all of the hardened decoration on them. Or does her gumpaste recipe not get that hard?
For black fondant I start with chocolate MMF using Rhonda's Ultimate recipe. I have had good success with this.
I am contemplating buying one of these machines from Linda McClure but I have a couple of questions:1. Can it cut fondant? Would I have to freeze it or add tylose first?2. For those that use gumpaste, what do you do when the design covers a large part of the cake? Does the gumpaste still get hard as a rock or does the moisture from the fondant or buttercream keep it softThanks!
I rub shortening all over the ball of MMF and the tightly wrap in saran wrap overnight.
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