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Hi all, On my never-ending quest to improve on my baking skills, I'd like to try out a number of different chocolate cake recipes to find my favorite. In the past I was using Hershey's Chocolate cake recipe, but I didn't love it, so I switched to RLB's Chocolate layer cake which was much better, but still not quite what I was looking for. I'd love to hear what recipes you use as your go-to chocolate cake. Thanks for your help!
Thanks for clarifying Scp, I was so confused on where the heck I was putting an egg yolk! I'm assuming the corn syrup is added to the sugar and water before heating to 245? I've read that this will also help with crystalization, although I've never had that problem before.
What about using isolmalt instead? It's not as sensitive to humidity right?
Vgcea: I think it is this thread here I just looked up Warren Brown's recipe last night and have it book marked to try! To me it looks like my recipe has a more butter to meringue ratio then his does, so hopefully this will fix some of my issues. I'm also going to try your changes as well. Thank you for your help! Can I just ask at what point you add the egg yolk and corn syrup?
Thank you, that is great information!So I would think my best bet is to reduce the purees, alcohol etc as much as possible to concentrate the flavour so that I can get a strong enough flavour while only adding a max of 8 tablespoons.
Ya I guess the butter amount would be important, wouldn't it! I editted my original post to add the butter (907 grams/2lbs)I've used Lor-Ann flavouring, but I am trying to move toward a more natural approach and add fruit purees, white chocolate, bavarian cream, fruit curds etc. rather then artificial flavouring (I don't think there's anything wrong with that, it just isn't the approach that I would like to take.)I'd also like to be able to add alcohol or liquers such as...
I have been using the same IMBC recipe for over a year and in most respects I am quite happy with it (good flavour, workability etc) however, I have a few issues with it and wonder if another recipe would be better. I would like to have a recipe that remains stable after adding flavourings, fruit purees etc. mine tends to get a bit soft. I would also like a recipe that might hold up a bit better when it is warmer, I've been having a lot of problems with bulges and sagging...
I would use star anise!
Thank you very much, that is very helpful!
^ That's where I was leaning too, thanks mckaren!
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